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The xtreamer is a powerful streaming receiver. I mostly use it to watch movies, but it can do more. I was interested in using the web radio receiver function. The way the xtreamer is currently designed it is only possible to select and play radio stations with the IR remote (or web based remote) and with the TV or beamer turned on. I want to be able to define and play my favorite radio stations on a web page served by the xtreamer.

Here’s the solution. With the help of the very active xtreamer community (see this forum topic) I programmed a simple php script that let’s you define and play your favorite radio stations. This works particularly well with an iPhone or another smart phone as remote control.


  • Radio stations can be added and removed on a web page.
  • This adds and removes the according .plsx files in the MyRadio folder. This also affects the *MyRadio* folder in the xtreamer’s Internet Radio menu.
  • The radio stations can be started and stopped on a web page without having to turn on the TV or beamer.
  • The user can choose a default station that is played when the xtreamer is powered up.

Simple Installation

Unpack the files and put them on a USB stick in the top level folder named MyRadio. Nothing has to be configured and the radio station manager can be used right away.

With a browser go to the address http://<ip-of-your-xtreamer>/media/sda1/MyRadio
In some cases the mount point is sda instead of sda1.

Alternative Installation

The file index.php and the img folder can be copied to the already existing MyRadio folder or to any other folder on a external USB drive. If your USB stick is not mounted on sda1 or if index.php is not installed in the top level folder MyRadio, the variable $stationspath in index.php has to be adapted. For an alternative mount point you will usually have to change C: into D:, but other drive letters might be possible too. Hint: The last grey text line in the manage section displays the current mount points of your xtreamer.


Go to the ‘manage’ section to add and remove stations.

Go to the ‘stations’ section to start and stop playing the radio streams.

When radio stations are added in the manage section, the according .plsx files are created and stored in the folder MyRadio where the script is. Therefore, the USB stick has to reside permanently in the xtreamer. I have found no way to run .plsx files from the local xtreamer’s filesystem using the /tmp/webrun method.


radio v0.5 (April 30th 2011. Auto-Play after power up.)
radio v0.4
(Dec 27th 2010. Bugs fixed. JavaScript based play&stop.)
radio v0.3 (Dec 19th 2010. MyRadio editor)
radio v0.2
(Dec 12th 2010)
radio v0.1
(Oct 24th 2010)

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