Comparison: Prepaid Mobile Internet Access in Greece

I happen to travel to Greece at least once a year. My local provider Swisscom has absolutely horrible data roaming tariffs (see my posting here). Since my iPhone isn’t sim-locked anymore I wanted to check the alternatives with mobil internet access providers in Greece.

Here are the selection criteria:

  • no monthly fee (which always means a prepaid plan)
  • good coverage
  • internet access only (no SMS, phone)

It was to be expected, that the prepaid plans of the providers can’t be directly compared. They always use very different calculation schemes and units. I’m sure the providers do this on purpose because they are scared of a free and transparent market. I therefore invented 3 usage profiles and calculated the costs.

Provider Plan 100MB in 1 Week 1GB in 1 Week 1GB in 2 Weeks remarks
Internet on the go prepaid  15€ 15€ 30€ SIM card: 20€
Mobile Internet Daily 37€ 937€ 867€
Mobile Internet 60 43€ 943€ 943€
KartoInternet 20€ 20€ 20€ SIM card: 20€

State: August 2011

The differences are amazing! On my next travel to Greece I will try the Vodafone or Cosmote plan. I will post my experiences here – so stay tuned 😉


2 thoughts on “Comparison: Prepaid Mobile Internet Access in Greece”

  1. Many thanks , that’s exactly the information I need. You’ve saved me hours of research, I’m sure! I’ll be there in 3 weeks for 10 days, and intend to use Vodafone – it’s a very generous summer package.

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