Testing 2G/3G Connectivity and Data Plan in Greece

As announced in one of my previous posts I decided test a data plan during my holidays in Greece. Here are my experiences:

Before going to Greece I tried to choose between the Vodafone plan or the Cosmote plan. I asked 4 greeks, and their opinions were 1) not strong and 2) diverse. So I basically chose myself, and the decisive factor was the availability of a point of sale on my my way from the airport to Naxos. Therefore I chose the provider Cosmote and the seeling point Germanos in the street ΒΑΣ.ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ which is at 10 minutes walking distance from the port of Piraeus. I took the 20€ sim pack of the mobile internet on the go prepaid plan.

It turned out that they didn’t already sell this very often to foreign tourists. Only one of the four salespersons was able to deal with my request, and even he didn’t know if that plan would work with my unlocked iPhone. Fortunately he was very helpful, and he spent at least 15 minutes on the phone with the tech support to find out if my iPhone was compatible and how he would have to proceed to sell and activate the sim card for me.

Finally, everything worked fine. I inserted the sim card in my iPhone and after about one hour, the card was activated – and I could surf!

During my holidays I experienced varying connection speeds. In the larger villages, even on remote islands like Folegandros and Anafi, coverage was good or even excellent. On ferry trips the connectivity is mostly ok with only a few blind spots. For what I wanted to do on my holidays – sending pictures and messages, reading newspapers, searching hotels, reading maps it was definitely sufficient.

To sum up: my experience was positive. The coverage was ok, and the price – I spent 15€ for 2GB of data during the 10 days – is more than decent. I’ll do this again on my next holidays!