Cogit Case Study Tool Available Here as Hosted Service

The Cogit Case Study tool is a tiny little piece of software I have started programming a few years ago. I was inspired by the project FE-Transfer. In a guided workflow, students have to solve a complex task. After having uploaded their solution, they automatically get the teacher’s sample solution. The students then have to compare their solution with the sample solution and then reflect and write down their own skills and knowledge.

The nice thing about this workflow is that teacher can assign complex tasks to their students, that go far beyond what is possible with multiple choice questions. Yet, the teachers do not have to correct all the student’s solutions. Students are mostly auto-correcting themselves, based on the teacher’s sample solution. This makes teaching with case studies very efficient – for the teacher and for the students.

The case study tool can be used for learning, training and assessments.

Go to the service.